Capture videos and images with branded overlay and green screen


1. Vromote is a combination of a online front end web application and mobile applications available on IOS and Android devices.

2. You can easily capture videos and images with branded overlay and green screen by Vromote.

3. It is a DIY media marketing technology which provides branded roaming photography, green screen photography, branded video clips and photo booth mode for instant giveaway,sharing and qualified data.

4. Capture videos(iOS only) and images with branded overlay and green screen
5. Use Green Screen background to enrich your brand experience.
6. Provide interactive customer experience
7. Instantly deliver each customer a private view of their branded images and videos.
8. Hand your customer a branded photo retrieval card
9. Instant Email or SMS for media retrieval
10. Prints glossy photos directly from the app
11. Branded media retrieval page
12. Instant customer media retrieval and share
13. Collect data, i.e. Name, Email address, Date of birth, Phone number, Opt-in, etc.
14. Collect mobile phone number to send the branded photo(s) by text message.


Large blue chip brands have been using this type of marketing technique to viral promote their brand for many years, if not decades, however, excessive high costs have made it unobtainable for small to medium sized businesses. The people at Vromote have taken on this challenge and have developed a technology that is unique, easy-to-use and best of all made it fully accessible and affordable to all businesses big or small. Free at the point of use and three upgrade options to suit all businesses.