Vromote - Android App for android phone, android tablet and the Samsung Galaxy Camera

Vromote is a combination of a online front end web application and mobile applications available on IOS and Android devices. It is a DIY media marketing technology which provides branded roaming photography, green screen photography, branded video clips and photo booth mode for instant giveaway,sharing and qualified data.

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3 Ways RIO Olympics 2016 Can Improve Your Business

Imagine you are a pub or restaurant owner celebrating Olympics. Everyone is watching the games on your premises over a nice drink or meal. How can you make their moment more special in a fun and engaging way which is also beneficial to you?

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Master The Skills Of Vromote And Be Successful

In simple terms Vromote allows small businesses to use the same type of custom branded marketing that was available to only big brands. No more holding cut out frames to brand photos.

If you have been to a theme parks or Santa's grotto you will see that they click photo and brand it with their logo and theme or in some places have green screen background which changes the whole background to some other image.

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Implement Photo Branding Marketing With Minimal Budget

You must have come across photo branding in various theme parks and events. The process is they take a picture, brand it and print it out to sell at extortionate prices. This type of marketing has been used for decades and could only be affordable by big businesses as it is very expensive.

Well, the long wait is over. No more extortionate pricing for photo branding marketing solutions.

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The Truth About Social Media Exposure For Businesses Is About To Be Revealed

The multimillion dollar brands we instantly recognise and consume products they recommend have been keeping a marketing secret from the SMEs. Even if we do our research and find out we are told the cost would make it unobtainable. 

The brands that know have been using the branded photo sharing technique for decades. However, recent advancement in web and mobile technology means it is now available to SMEs. Large brands will now face real competition from much smaller competitors in the realm of the social media. 

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How QR Code Merchandise Is Going To Change Your Business Strategies

Are you familier with a QR code? You may have seen it, that square pixelated black and white thing that you don’t quite know what to do with and passed by it happily recognising it as a QR code. If thats you than you are very likely living in the western world

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