Brand Awareness

How QR Code Merchandise Is Going To Change Your Business Strategies

Are you familier with a QR code? You may have seen it, that square pixelated black and white thing that you don’t quite know what to do with and passed by it happily recognising it as a QR code. If thats you than you are very likely living in the western world.

In Asia, China for example the QR code is frantically being used by businesses and individuals to connect the physical world with the digital. China’s WeChat has over 700 million monthly active users. Every time the app is downloaded a QR code scanner is downloaded with it. Scan each others unique QR code to get connected. Chinese brands are using QR codes to drive online to offline sales. It is not uncommon to see QR codes on t-shirts, wrist bands, posters, leaflets and business cards.

If you are looking for new ways of marketing, as a business owner you must first identify if QR code marketing is right for your type of business and right for your brand. For example, a general wholesaler who buys bulk and resells in smaller quantities may not have a requirement for brand awareness. However, a brand that wants to sell one of its new products to the general public must create brand awareness and engage in the social media.

Using QR codes in merchandise for marketing is not a question of educating the public about QR codes and how to use it. Rather, it is more about providing desirable content for the public to want to engage. If you are providing great content for free, people will find a way to retrieve even if it is using a gateway they have never encountered before.

A technology such as Vromote has identified this method of marketing. Using the Vromote marketing method you are able to capture branded photo and videos of your customers, crafted to be desirable, i.e. photos taken at a fun event. Upload the media to a unique QR code printed on merchandise and handed to the customer. The customer is then able to scan the QR code, retrieve the photo or video and instantly share in the social media. Use this method often enough and it will give you brand exposure in the social media, create social media content and give your customers a memorabilia they can keep and enjoy. 

The QR code is a creative tool, use it to your advantage. Don’t just provide a link to your website, provide personal memorable content that your customers will enjoy, share and keep.