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The Truth About Social Media Exposure For Businesses Is About To Be Revealed

The multimillion dollar brands we instantly recognise and consume products they recommend have been keeping a marketing secret from the SMEs. Even if we do our research and find out we are told the cost would make it unobtainable. 

The brands that know have been using the branded photo sharing technique for decades. However, recent advancement in web and mobile technology means it is now available to SMEs. Large brands will now face real competition from much smaller competitors in the realm of the social media. 

The people at Vromote have created a complete media sharing technology especially for SMEs. With over 2 years of researching the requirements of startups and SMEs, the team at Vromote needed to bring the smaller companies into the same marketing playing field as the more dominate larger companies. 

The key to successful marketing is for your customers to become your brand ambassador. Your customers need to be able to recommend to their friends and family. This is more powerful than any celebrity endorsed product and far more cost effective considering how much celebrities charge. Is Vromote making celebrity endorsement out of business? No, but by using Vromote for your business your are making celebrities of your customers to their family and friends.

With Vromote the brand owner is able to capture unique branded photos and videos of their customers, with the flexibility of making it fun, creative and endorsing. Customers are able to instantly receive the media and share using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

The brand owner is also able to control the social media content that is being shared, how they share and how often. For example, customise each customer share on twitter to also gets a twitter mention of the business, a follow and incentive to retweet.

The brand is able to gradually or in one go send branded media into the social media using Vromote. However, exposure is not all the brand will receive, during retrieval the customer is requested to enter their contact details and opt-in to receive more information. The brand will receive this valuable data to be used to contact the customer at a later occasion. So the brand is not giving away something for nothing, they are receiving brand endorsement and qualified valuable data.