Brand Awareness

Implement Photo Branding Marketing With Minimal Budget

You must have come across photo branding in various theme parks and events. The process is they click a picture, brand it and print it out to sell at extortionate prices. This type of marketing has been used for decades and could only be affordable by big businesses as it is very expensive.

Well, the long wait is over. No more extortionate pricing for photo branding marketing solutions.

Now, small businesses can easily afford this type of viral photo marketing only with Vromote.

Set up your Vromote account with your desired overlay branding and green screen background branding. Download the Vromote app from IOS or android market and start taking photos of your customers. Vromote instantly brands the photos and gives you four giveaway choices which even the expensive systems don't provide.

The choices are- 



QR code


The photo is instantly digitally sent to your customers which means no waiting time for customer to view their photo. Sharing links are provided at the bottom of the photos which helps the customer to instantly share the photos on their social media then and there. This process help to make your brand or event trend on social media and also gives viral awareness online.

Over all this process gives your business marketing boost without breaking your bank account, drives more sales due to the massive exposure and not to forget the data collected which you can use for mail marketing,surveys and feedback.

What are you waiting for? Start using Vromote now.