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Master The Skills Of Vromote And Be Successful

In simple terms Vromote allows small businesses to use the same type of custom branded marketing that was available to only big brands. No more holding cut out frames to brand photos.

If you have been to a theme parks or Santa's grotto you will see that they click photo and brand it with their logo and theme or in some places have green screen background which changes the whole background to some other image.

Vromote admin panel system lets businesses upload their own branded image overlay or green screen background, customisation of the web page where the photos will be viewed, customisation of the Facebook or twitter share image, adding terms and condition and disclaimer, customisation of the process before photo retrieval, customisation to host photos in your own URL, assigning staff to only capture photos and videos who does not get access to the main panel and is limited only to the app and many more.

Then, download the Vromote app which is available in IOS and Android to capture photos and videos of customers and instantly brand all the media with the uploaded images. No more waiting time by manually branding each photo.

Businesses can deliver the photos instantly to their customers by four methods- email, SMS, Qrcode and print. Multiple photos can be given not limited to only single photos. 

When the customers retrieves the photos digitally from their email they go through a few process like inputing their email or putting a fb like or twitter follow to the businesses page as customised in the admin panel, then the customer is taken to the webpage where the photo can be viewed and shared on various social media. 

The customer gets to keep photos of the wonderful experience.

The business gets customer data,viral promotion and exposure.

Vromote is Free to use with our sample images so register and try it now.

Upgrade for full custom features from only $15.00

Vromote can be used any where from big events to small house parties.