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3 Ways RIO Olympics 2016 Can Improve Your Business

Vromote is ideal for marketing your business at RIO Olympics 2016 or any occasion.

Imagine you are a pub or restaurant owner celebrating Olympics. Everyone is watching the games on your premises over a nice drink or meal. How can you make their moment more special in a fun and engaging way which is also beneficial to you?

You can give your customer one of these experiences:

  1. Green screen- In one corner set up a green screen (it is available from amazon, eBay or other online shops at affordable price). Log in to the vromote admin panel, upload customised overlay and green screen background image of your favourite olympic sport or use one from vromote gallery. Download the vromote app in any IOS (iPhone or iPad) or android(phone or tablet) device, login and get ready to take photos in front of the green screen. When the customer enters it already creates a focal point and they will line up to get their photos clicked. After capturing photos you can instantly send the photos to customers email. The customer can then instantly view it on their smart phone and cherish the photo forever.

  2. Walkabout/Roaming- In this method you don't need any extra setup. Log in and upload your custom branded overlay on vromote admin panel and start taking photos with any IOS (iPhone or iPad) or android(phone or tablet) device. You can serve your customers and offer to click branded photo or shoot a small video of the celebration. They will mostly agree because everyone wants to capture a joyous ocassion. You can either send the photo/video by email or print out QR cards with your business theme and logo which will always remind them of your business as it will become a keepsake of the celebration. Customer can scan the card and view their photos/videos instantly.

  3. Photo Booth- Convert any phone or tablet in to a selfie booth. You can decorate the devices with a theme to look more part of the celebration if you wish or just keep it simple. Hang the device on the wall or put it on a stand facing forward, put a photo booth sign. Log in and upload custom overlay image or use from gallery in the vromote admin panel. Login to the vromote app on the device the photos will be taken, click settings in the app and turn on the Photo Booth mode which disables the back camera and go back to the main screen. Now its ready to take photos, customers can sit or stand in front of the device and press the capture button to click photo. A five second timer will show up and capture the photo through the front camera. After that the customers can email the photo to their own email and view it through their smart phone. Customers will love this as everyone loves a good branded selfie.

Before viewing the media the customer need to go through a retrieval process(which can be customised in the admin panel) and then taken to a webpage where the media can be viewed( webpage can also be customised from the admin panel). In the end after retrieving and viewing the photo customer can share the experience to their social media by clicking on the share icons below the photo live from your business premises. 

By providing this kind of entertainment what you achieve

  1. A happy customer for making the celebration unforgettable

  2. Word of mouth recommendation because of such unique experience

  3. Promotes your business to the customer friends and family in their privet social medias by sharing the branded photos.

  4. You receive customer data (email, name, birthday etc,) during the giveaway and retrieval process which would have been impossible without offering this experience.

  5. You receive Facebook or twitter follow on your business page during the photo retrieval process.

  6. By instantly sharing live from the celebration it creates a lot of social media buzz and gives your business massive exposure.

Let your imagination and creativity flow to create amazing experiences for your customers by using Vromote.