Registration Process

Why didn't I receive the confirmation email?

Make sure you have checked your spam folder, if it’s not there either, enter you email again or requested another confirmation email. If still you are not having any luck contact our team and we will be happy to help.

Will I receive spam emails if I register?

We will not send you spam emails, calls or letters. Your contact details are safe with us and we will only use your contact details to contact you regarding this particular product.

How long do I have to confirm my email address?

Take as long as you like. Only after you have confirmed your email does your account become live, before that you can enter your email and request a confirmation email as many times as you like. 

Am I under any obligation if I register?

Absolutely not. You have nothing to worry about, if you don’t like our product you can simply walk away but we hope you stay.

How do I change my user name now that i have finished my registration process?

Unfortunately you cannot change your user name once you have completed your registration process. If you really want a different user name simply register a new account. If you want to transfer your paid account over, contact us and we will be happy to help.