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What is Vromote?

It is a powerful online photo marketing technology which caters to your problems.

The technology can brand any photo or video with customised images as overlay or background instantly; after capturing the photo or video; multiple times. This means no waiting time to giveaway the photo or video to your guests. Just, click and giveaway the branded media instantly in a digital or printed form. The digital media is sent as a link which when clicked takes the guests through a few process of inputting their email or any data that you require, Facebook likes and twitter follows to your brand page before viewing the media page. The media page can be designed to your brand theme and displayed on your official URL. After your guests view the photos and videos encourage them to  share on various social media by clicking on the social media icons on the page which will give you live social media buzz and viral promotion.

There are thee giveaway digital methods to suit your budget and needs.

1. Email- which is straightforward and easy way of sending the digital format with confirmed qualified email data.

2. SMS- this messages the media link to your guests phone which also gives you confirmed qualified phone numbers.

3. QR code- This can be utilised massively in your marketing. All QR codes are unique providing the guests with privet access to their photos and videos. The unique QR codes can be generated and placed in any branded merchandise such as keyring,t shirt, postcard, leaflet, discount vouchers etc. For example, you can make a card with pictures or branding of your establishment and place the QR code on it, all you have to do is after capturing photos or video scan the QR code with the Vromote app, press upload and giveaway the card to your guest. The photo or video instantly uploads into the QR code which enables the guest to scan the QR code with their phone and view the media link. Multiple media can be uploaded at different times and places in the same QR code; for example you take photo of a guest in the morning near the pool and then you meet the guest again near the bar at night; take photo and upload it in the same QR code.

The benefit of QR merchandise is that the guests will forever keep it as a souvenir because it contains their memories which will remind them of the good times at you establishment. 

Also, they will display it to their friends and families and recommending your establishment for such nice gesture.

4. Printing- The photos can also be printed and given away for free or for a price. This option is ideal for special events such as santos grotto for christmas. Please view the link for more information on printing methods-