Customise how you promote your brand experience


Media Site Branding

This will be the web page where each
customer will have a private view of his
or her branded photos and videos.

Media Site Transfer

Media Site Transfer

By adding your server ftp details you
are able to transfer the media retrieval
site to your official brand website.

Email to Guest

Email To Guest

Customise the message in the email you
send to your participants who wish to receive
a link to their branded media via email.

Share Options

Share Options

Customise the message being shared on
Facebook and Twitter. Your customers will be
the ambassadors of your brand experience.

Social Media

Social Media Albums

Keep all your fans updated, set up an auto
upload of all media captured to your chosen
Facebook album or other social media.


Media Site Branding This media retrieval page url will
be the same for all who view it.
So you only have to brand it once.

In your admin panel click to view the Media Site Branding options where you are presented with two tabs, preview and page title. Preview tab allows you a view of the media retrieval page. To see actual changes click on the green visit page button to go directly to the url where your customers will have a private view of their photos and videos.

The page title tab is simply a way for you to change the title of the media site. This will contribute to creating a positive brand experience for your customers.

Media Site Branding


Edit This is a great opportunity for your official brand website
to boost its traffic and gain more exposure to its content.
Transfer the media retrieval site and have all your
customers come to you.
Site Transfer

Connecting to your server using the FTP Client

To connect to an FTP server and upload your Media Retrieval Site to your hosts server you will need the following FTP details:

  1. FTP Address or Hostname: Your website ftp address (usually if your URL is
  2. FTP Username & Password: You selected both of these during account creation.
  3. The URL of the site location (usually if your URL is and you have named your ftp folder mymedia).


Email To Guest Control the email message sent out to
participants who want to receive the
photo or video link via email.

Send customised emails to your participants with a link to their branded media promoting your brand. Customise the look and content to identify with your special event. Communicate the brand message and continue the brand experience for your attendees.

For more information please contact us ( or view our Workshop and Help pages.

Email To Guest


Share Options Continue to customise to setup the default
message shared on Facebook and Twitter.
Share Options

Let your customers be your brand ambassadors. Customise the message being shared on the social media and continue the brand experience. The more your customers share the more chance there is of your brand becoming viral in the social media.


Share Options Any new photos or videos will auto
transfer to your designated Facebook album.
Share Options

Create a Facebook album in the same name as your Vromote campaign. Click grant access and follow the process of linking the Vromote Facebook app with your Facebook account. Select your Facebook fan page you want to use and click save.

Any photos and videos uploaded to the campaign will now be auto uploaded to the selected Facebook album.