Customise how you want to promote your brand


Create Campaign

Give your new campaign a name
and set up a few objectives as to
what you want to achieve.


Edit Campaign

Change all or some of the settings
you initially placed on your existing


Media Overlay Branding

Upload your own image to permanently
brand all captured media, photos and
videos, with your own design.

Green Screen

Background Green Screen

Upload your own background design.
Your background image will replace any
colour green such as a green screen.


Generate QR Cards

Custom design and generate QR cards for
you to use as a media access card. Easy
for customers to just scan and retrieve.


Manage Staff

Invite staff to capture photos and videos
of your customers with restricted access
only to capture not edit campaign.



Give your campaign a name
and click next.

Choose the type of data you
want to collect.

Once you have verified your email and
registered login to your admin panel
and click Create Campaign.

Name Name
Staff Media

Add your own custom disclaimer
for your customers to view before.
Also provide custom opt-in boxes
for your promotional offers. Or
leave blank and click next.

Increase your fans and followers by
requesting your customers to like and/or
follow before media retrieval. Or leave it
blank and click save.


Edit Icon Select one of your existing campaigns and
click on Edit Campaign to open all saved options.

Here is a disclaimer information sample you can use:

[Your Company] and our Commercial Partners will use your personal information to provide you with products, services, to keep in touch with you – via email and SMS about exciting promotions, news, features and activities and personalise your experience on our site in accordance with our Privacy Policy. By clicking register you agree to us using your personal details for all these purposes.

If you do not want to receive these please tick the relevant boxes below confirming that you do not wish to receive direct marketing from:

{TB} [Your Company] and [Your Company] Group
{TB} [Your Company] and [Your Company] Commercial Partners

Add your Facebook fan page url and company twitter url for a great way for your audience to connect. Before photo or video retrieve they will need to like or follow your social media account before proceeding to view your captured branded media. Click save when done.


Edit Icon Select one of your existing campaigns
and click on Media Overlay Branding
to open the overlay options.

This is a chance to really get creative with your media branding. Upload your brand message and logo in a well laid out frame to create a positive brand experience for the end user.

Paid accounts are able to upload their own overlays and remove the Attribution banner.

Edit Icon


Edit Icon Select one of your existing campaigns and
click on the Background Green Screen
to open the green screen options.

Engage your audience by capturing professional quality branded photos and videos (iOS only) with any android or iOS device. Combine your branded overlay with green screen background "like in the movies" to captured visually stunning branded images.

Click the Add Background tab and upload your image, maximum pixel 720 x 720 and click save or reset for default settings.


Edit Icon Select one of your existing campaigns
and click on the Generate QR Cards to
open the QR Cards options.

This new innovation will give your customers the brand interaction they never expected. Design your own branded media retrieval giveaway card for your customers to enjoy and keep.

If you are an expert in using design tools, simply download just the QR codes (QR Codes tab) and use to create amazing cards, flyers, wristbands or whatever best suits your brand.

Edit Icon


Edit Icon Select one of your existing campaigns
and click on the Manage Staff to
open the options.

This allows you (the admin) to assign multiple photographers to one campaign. Invite by entering your staff’s email at the top middle entry field and click orange button to invite staff.

Once they are verified they will only have access to capture photos and videos but will berestricted to any type of campaign editing. This will help you to protect your brand experience from staff mishandling.

For further information regarding this or any of our other features please email us ( and we will get back to you or talk to our team using the admin panel built-in live chat.