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Scan QR code and download to your device


Admin Dashboard

Register and Setup Campaign

It is best practice to register and set up your campaign on a laptop or desktop before you install your app on your mobile device. When uploading branded overlay images and branded backgrounds some image editing may be required, for many people, it is more convenient to edit images on a laptop or desktop.

If you want to find out about how to register click on our How to Register Guide.

To find out more about creating a campaign click on How to Setup your First Campaign.


Login Screen Download and login to the App

Once you have installed your app on your preferred device (android or iOS)
launch to view the login screen. If you are already registered enter your
email address and password. Click register if you are a new user.
Campaign Screen Select your Campaign

If your campaign screen is blank you need to go back to your admin panel
and set up your first campaign. Once you have come back to the app and
press refresh. Select your campaign and press confirm.
Tutorial Screen Quick view the Intro Tutorial

There are only three slides to get through, you can have a quick view and once
you’re happy press back arrow to go to the capture screen. You can always come
back to the intro tutorial from the settings screen.
Capture Screen Capture Branded Photo(s)

Capture as many photos as you like, but keep in mind the more photos you upload
together the longer it will take depending on your wifi/3g/4g connection.

It makes no difference if you hold the device portrait or landscape as the photo is
square. Hold the device the way you feel comfortable.

In this capture screen you can see only one layer is being used to brand the photo.
You can use up to four overlay layers, one in each corner to brand you photos.

Preview Screen View Photo Preview

After every photo you capture you will see the photo preview screen. There are
three options here, press back to go back to the capture screen, press print icon
if you are connected to a wifi printer to print your photo and press trash icon to
delete the photo.
Capture Screen Choose Delivery Method

From the app capture screen there are three ways you can deliver the photo instantly
to the participant.

• Press email icon to sent via email to their inbox,
• press QR code icon to scan the unique QR code to giveaway
• orpress SMS icon and request their phone number to send them a text.
Email Screen Deliver Photo(s) using Email

Enter the participant’s email and press save. You will notice the email address
appear below with a small red button called remove.
You can press remove to delete the email if for example you have typed it wrong.

Enter more email addresses if you want to send the same photo to other participants.
When you are done press back to go back to the capture screen.
Upload Screen Press Upload to End Session

When you see small orange circles in the corner of the gallery icon and one
or more of the delivery icons, it means, you are ready to press upload. Press
the large green upload button at the top of the capture screen to send all media to its delivery destination.

Once upload is complete the media is no longer stored on your device. The
participant using the chosen delivery method can privately view the link to
the media.
Customer Screen Photo Instantly Delivered to their Email Inbox

The participant(s) can now click the link to view, download and share the
photo(s). The more shares the promotion you brand gets and may even
become viral on the social media.

All the media and data captured is stored in the admin panel for you to
view and download as you please. Also view real-time analytics of your