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Choose from three packages that best suit your
needs. Branding with overlays, transferring media
retrieval page and activating green screen.


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View and edit your own personal login details,
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Constantly keep an eye on how much data
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Upgrade Options Each one of the three options give you a choice of purchasing for
1 month, 4 months or for the full 12 months without obligation to

Receive a 10% discount when you choose to purchase a 12 month
Basic Package Remove & Upload Your Own Media Overlays

This is a chance to really get creative. Activate the upload feature in Media Overlay Branding.
Upload your very own custom images to brand all captured media instantly. It will be a
permanent reminder and awareness to those who view and share your branded media.
A great way to promote any brand or product.Use the Basic package to viral promote your brand now!
Business Package Activate Media Page Transfer FTP Feature

An innovative solution to your official website marketing needs. Activate to use our modified FTP
client to transfer the Media retrieval page to the URL location of your existing official brand
website. This means your official website will receive a surge of hits when you use the Vromote

Every time someone views the captured media it is displayed on the Media retrieval
page and when it is located at your official URL it will get all the Hits. The more Hits a website
gets the more likely search engine will favour in their organic search results, thus, optimising
your official site. Purchase the business package to receive the huge benefits from this feature.
Brand Package Activate the custom green screen feature

We have all seen amazing block buster movie special effects made using a green screen background.
Now you are able to provide to your customers, at a fraction of the cost, the same special effects for
them to love, share and promote your brand.
The more creative your are with this technology the more likely you are to achieve viral promotion for your brand.


My Profile Here you can edit your name, change password, mobile number and upload a profile picture.
Cannot change your email address as it’s connected to your verified account login.

Also you cannot change username as your username is part of your media retrieval page url.
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All Data Results Get to know the results of your campaign instantly and receive all downloads
free of charge. All the customer data you collect is yours to do with as you
please and we will never charge you for it. Also, you can rest assure the
data will not be sold by us to third party without your permission.
All Data Results

View and download in excel format all
the captured data and social media
activity collected together, i.e. email,
name, date of birth, phone number, etc.

View and download all captured
photos and videos.

This gives you a visual representation of
the social media activity your campaign
is creating.

A line chart will give you a live
up-to-date view of all activity.