Campaign Setup

Create New Campaign

Once you have a verified and registered account you must login with your details to gain access to the admin panel. To create a new campaign click on the create campaign button.

A overlay box will appear to guide you through some settings to complete the process.

1. Campaign Name 

Enter the name for your campaign here. 

2. Data Capture Settings

These are the data options that you can collect from your customers. Turn on or off as per your requirements. This data entry fields will show in the media retrieval process. Your customers will have to enter these blank fields in order to process to view the photo or video.

3. Disclaimer information

You can setup your own customer data disclaimer policy. The opt in box will allow the customer to agree to any offers, questions, persnal data useage in your disclaimer. The second opt in box can be for additional approval such as newsletter or promotional materials etc. You can click next and skip this option if its not required.

4. Social media

This allows you to input your Facebook page or twitter profile url link for your customers to put a like or follow during the retrieval process. Thus, giving your brand or event more recognition and exposure. You can skip this process if not required.

At the end click save to complete the process. You can create multiple campaigns through the same process. All your campaigns will display in the box beside the create campaign button.