Campaign Settings

Media Overlay Branding

This setting allows you to select the logo or branding for you campaign.

This section has three tabs. 

First tab is preview, where you can preview the image that you choose to use. Also, you can choose to turn this feature on or off( this applies if you only want to use the green screen feature) and to remove the attribution banner( for paid customers only). 

The second tab is add overlay, where you can upload the image you want to use as an overlay. This overlay will be automatically placed on every picture taken. If you want to upload logos for the corners we recommend h400 x w400 graphic or a banner that runs along the bottom (h400 x w2448) and best to save your file as a PNG graphic with transparency. Also you can upload a full frame overlay (h2448 x w2448) with same dimensions for landscape or portrait. Go back to preview and Click SAVE after every change.

Third tab is the library where all your uploaded images are stored along with our sample overlay images that you can use too.