Campaign Settings

Generate QR Cards

We have developed a way to smartly use QR code in your marketing campaign. It can be placed in a card or any kind scannable of souvenir or memorabilia merchandise. You customers will be able to scan the QR codes to retrieve their photos and will be less likely to through the merchandise away as it contains their photos. 

This settings has four tabs:

The first tab preview lets you design your own QR card. QR card is simply a rectangular shape card similar to the form of a business card. The card consist of your logo,QR code, time url and id number. You can choose the background colour of the card from the change background box on the top right. Also, you have the option to turn on or off the tiny url and id number. To add your own logo go to the second tab and upload your preferred image. All your images are store in the third tab which is the library. Once you have set up all the options preview and click save. After that you can select quantity download the cards to print.

The fourth tab allows you to only download the QR codes in PNG format. This is useful for the graphic designers expert in using design tools. This QR code can be placed in any kind of scannable merchandise for example keyring, t-shirt, gift bags and tags, posters, leaflet, tickets etc.