Media Delivery

The Different ways to print branded photos using Vromote

To make it easier for businesses and events in every scenario we have given various methods of printing option to make their lives a bit easier.

After taking the photo with branded overlay or branded green screen background you can print it out in these ways:-

  1. If you have air or wifi printer then connect it to the device using the Vromote app through wifi and easily print out instant branded photos just by clicking the print icon at the bottom left of the photo preview screen. 

  2. After taking the photo when you press upload the photo is automatically saved in your browser admin panel. Just login to the admin panel, go to Data Results tab and choose the photo and print it out with your existing printer. 

  3. After taking the photo you can email the photo to yourself or scan your unique QR code and press upload which will send the photo instantly to your email. This process does not stop you from sending the photo digitally to your customer as you can add multiple emails or scan multiple unique QR codes for the same photo. Then, click on the photo link provided in the email which will take you to the web page where the photo can be viewed after retrieval. Save the photo to your computer device from the page by clicking the download button and print.

For the second and third options you can save the photos on you computer and resize it before printing to fit your promotional merchandise such as photo frame or glitter globe, key rings etc.

You may wish to charge for the photos or give them away for free. All these methods can be easily implemented for your ideal scenarios.

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